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Blue Trust Loans Is An Alternative To Grossly Flexible Credit Cards

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The cultural perception is that credit cards are just normal and okay. Unfortunately, they can be too flexible for their own good. Credit cards are not unlike small loans at all. They should be perceived as such, especially to avoid some often financially catastrophic spirals of debt.

Credit cards are flexible and changing by the current allocation of the card. It is a loan that can be added to and extended often, and that can be a rather dangerous proposal. Take, for example, a typical mortgage loan or student debt. (more…)

Prepaid Credit Cards: The Next Best Thing

If you have already been suffering from paying your credit card bills every due date, you may want to get the prepaid credit cards. These prepaid credit cards have the same benefits from that of the credit cards and you can simply have it the way you want it to be. You can load it with a good amount of money and you can use it like a credit card so you will be spared from fraud and you do not need to carry on a huge amount of cash at that. Truly, with these prepaid credit cards, you will be able to make your finances at par and you can monitor all the expenditures that you have already spent. In this way, you will also be free from a short-time debt just like taking the credit cards for an example.

So you see, having a prepaid credit card is like having a debit card but, it has all the benefits that normal credit cards carry. So, what do you think about it? I guess it is the next best thing that you can get.

Is It Possible To Live Debt-free?

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For many consumers, a debt-free lifestyle is not only a dream that may seem years away from the reality. Approximately twenty percent of Americans are living a debt free lifestyle – which is free of high interest consumer and credit card debt. These consumers have planned spending habits, established savings accounts, emergency funds and save for items that they intend to purchase –- rather than financing the item with the use of a credit card.

You too can increase your wealth while adhering to a debt-free lifestyle by following these guidelines.


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