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Telling Your Partner About Your Secret Debt

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Entering into a relationship should be completed honestly – but there is one thing that many partners leave out of the agreement when entering a living situation, a relationship and even a marriage. This factor is the amount of debt that the partner is going to bring into the relationship.

Should you tell your partner about the debt that you are facing? Telling your partner about the debt should be a serious conversation, but it doesn’t have to end in a fight. It is important to convey the message that you are not asking your partner to cover the debt, you are simply telling him or her about it. You can tell your partner that you are indeed going to repay the debt on your own, while making your contributions to the household.

It should be in a calm environment that allows the two of you some privacy. After all, your partner may have questions that you could feel uncomfortable addressing in public. The best place to do it is at home where statements of accounts can be used to relay the message.